Commission Info

Please DM me on Discord or Twitter with requests or any other questions!

Basic Conversion
(Upscale of an existing mod to a model of the same gender)

  • Top/Chest: $15-20

  • Bottoms/Legs: $15-20

  • Gloves/Hands: $10-15

  • Shoes/Feet: $10-15

  • Accessories: $5-10

Vanilla-Based Conversion

  • Top/Chest: $20-$25

  • Bottoms/Legs: $20-25

  • Gloves/Hands: $15-20

  • Shoes/Feet: $15-20

  • Accessories: $5-10

Female Mod to Male Mod Conversion

  • Top/Chest: $25-30

  • Bottoms/Legs: $25-30

  • Gloves/Hands: $20-25

  • Shoes/Feet: $20-25

  • Accessories: $5-10


  • Upscale: $15-20

  • Conversion (FtM): $20-25

I Do Not Do Conversions For:

  • Female model-based bodies

  • Lalafell

Things to note:

  • I reserve the right to accept or deny a commission request for any reason.

  • Commissions will take a maximum of 2-3 weeks to complete. Feel free to reach out to me about the progress of your commission if the process takes any longer than this for any reason. Chances are I will contact you first with status updates.

  • The commissions I work on won't necessarily be done in the order they are received. If there is a project of a more simple nature, I might be able to squeeze it in during my free time and finish it sooner than a more complex project.

  • If the outfit requested includes a piece of clothing that is attached to an accessory but it's fit to a different part of the body, then it will be charged accordingly. For example, if a jacket I'm upscaling is attached to a ring, then it will be charged as a top/chest item.

  • Payment is due before I begin working on the commission. If there are any issues after the final product is given, please feel free to reach out and I will promptly resolve any problems.

  • If I run into an issue with a project and I cannot complete it, for example, if there's an issue with the original mesh or I come to realize it's out of my skill level, then I will issue a full refund as soon as possible.

  • Once the commission is complete and sent, there will be no refunds for any reason unless there is an unresolvable issue on my end.

Payment Methods I Accept:

  • PayPal

  • Venmo

  • Ko-fi

Contact info

  • Discord: ravencraftxiv

  • Twitter/X: @RavencraftXIV


  • Permissions of the creators that made the original mods apply at all times.

  • You may use the models of any of my outfits for your own upscales as long as the previous rule is taken into consideration. Please credit back to me!

  • Don't release anything publicly until you've reviewed the first rule.

  • Do not port any of my NSFW stuff to lalafells, regardless of the mod's original permissions. (Though they will all say the same thing.)

  • Do not use my stuff in any paid releases.

  • Do not use my stuff for any kind of hate or negative purposes.